Virginia Beach Dentist Discusses Mouthwashes

September 13, 2016

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Your Virginia Beach dentist explains mouthwashes.Mouthwashes are well known for giving us minty fresh breath, but did you know that certain mouthwashes offer additional benefits other than just fresh breath? Did you also know that not all mouthwashes are the same? While many often believe that mouthwashes only provide fresh breath, certain mouthwashes can protect your oral health and even prevent certain complications. But, which mouthwash is the best? As your Virginia Beach dentist, we are here to clear the air about mouthwashes. We have everything you need to know to choose the best mouthwash for your specific needs.

Understanding Common Mouthwashes

When you walk down the oral care isle in the store, you are faced with a lot of options when it comes to mouthwashes. However, to narrow down the selection, the very first thing you need to look for is the American Dental Association seal of approval, which means the ADA supports the mouthwash as effective. When using an ADA-supported mouthwash, there is clear evidence that you can prevent gingivitis, reduce plaque and tarter, or even help to strengthen the teeth.

As you browse the selection of mouthwashes, you need to understand that not all mouthwashes are the same. Based on the ingredients found in specific mouthwashes, you will achieve certain oral benefits. Generally, you will have four different types of mouthwashes to choose from, which include: antimicrobial, fluoride, astringent salts, and odor neutralizers.

Antimicrobial mouthwashes are effective for reducing the number of bacteria found in the mouth. By doing so, you are able to reduce plaque, decrease the risk for gum disease, and help keep bad breath under control due to the reduction of bacteria.

Fluoride mouthwashes contain fluoride to strengthen the teeth. Fluoride is a natural means to fight cavities as fluoride treatments and products replace lost fluoride levels in the teeth, which will make the teeth prone to cavities. With a fluoride mouth rinse, you will reduce the amount of lost fluoride to protect the enamel from tooth decay.

Astringent salts and ordo neutralizers essentially serve the same purpose—to stop bad breath. Astringent salts temporarily deodorize the mouth, masking bad breath. Odor neutralizers directly target odor-causing compounds to inactivate them to control bad breath.

Do I Need a Mouthwash?

Not everyone needs a mouthwash. Those who suffer from dry mouth, bad breath, are prone to cavities, or have gum disease will benefit from the use of mouthwash. In order for the washes to be effective, you will need to use them after you have brushed and flossed your teeth.

As your dentist in Virginia Beach, Smile Care Family Dentistry will evaluate your oral health to determine if you will benefit from a mouthwash. We will offer recommendations to which form you should use and the most effective brands for your specific needs.

If you are suffering from certain oral complications, it might be time to give a mouthwash a try. You will not only have fresh breath, but promote your oral health as well. Let Smile Care Family Dentistry help you decide which mouthwash is right for you.


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