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Does Vaping Negatively Effect Your Oral Health?

January 2, 2018

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woman vaping smokingA new fad is emerging, and it’s supposed to be healthier than the traditional take on smoking tobacco: e-cigarettes or vaping. More and more smokers turning to e-cigarettes under the assumption that they are safer or healthier because they don’t have as many chemicals present. With e-cigarettes more popular than ever (especially among teens), the question remains what is the oral health impact of vaping on your smile? Your dentist is here to give you a dental professional’s perspective here in this week’s blog post.


Your Virginia Beach Dentist Teaches the Steps of At-Home Oral Care

December 12, 2017

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A woman brushing her teeth.You ever wonder why your dentist always remembers to give you a bag of dental products to take home with you? It’s not just because they have plenty to give away. That bag is a message that says “Use me up by your next visit!”

So instead of throwing that bag of toothpaste and floss in the back of your closet, take advantage of the free stuff that keeps your teeth healthy! With proper oral care, you can be confident that your Virginia Beach dentist will have good news come your next visit.


Are Porcelain Veneers in Virginia Beach Really Worth It?

November 21, 2017

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woman smiling happy When you have a smile you’re less than proud of, it can be difficult to accomplish anything with confidence. In fact, you probably feel embarrassed going about the simplest tasks like communicating with your bosses, sharing laughs with friends, and smiling in family photos.

If you’re tired of hiding your teeth because of imperfections, you need to speak to a cosmetic dentist about porcelain veneers in Virginia Beach. You might just be the perfect candidate for this all-in-one smile fixing cosmetic procedure!


What Do I Do if I Lose a Tooth?

October 3, 2017

Hand with a knocked out toothIt can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re perfectly safe having a great day, and the next you feel a tooth fly out of your mouth. Usually, that feeling is preceded by an impact or bite into something hard, but still, losing a permanent tooth typically comes as a shock. Keep reading to learn more about how to respond if you lose a tooth or experience other dental emergencies.

Step 1 – Take a Breath

We know an accident or injury that leads to a knocked out tooth can be really stressful or frightening, but it’s important you stay calm. Take a few breaths, and give your dentist a call. A good dentist will have a team member available to help walk patients through first aid and pain management over the phone. This will help you stay calm and get the emergency dental help you need.

Step 2 – Retrieve the Tooth

Once you’ve calmed down a bit, look for your tooth. When you find it, handle it by the crown (top of the tooth) rather than the roots. Look over the tooth to see if it’s broken or damaged. You want to make sure there is not a piece of tooth missing or still in the socket.

Step 3 – Clean the Area & Knocked Out Tooth

Holding the tooth by the crown, you can run cool water over it to remove any dirt or debris, but do not brush or rub the tooth as any remaining soft tissue is essential to the reattachment process. Then, rinse out your mouth with cool water. If the vacated socket is bleeding heavily, you can bite down on clean gauze or cloth to stop the flow of blood. An ice pack applied at 20 minute intervals (20 on /20 off) will also help to slow the bleeding.

Step 4 – Replace the Tooth in its Socket

If the entire tooth is knocked loose and there are no small pieces of tooth remaining in the socket, you should be able to return the tooth to its original socket. Once in place, bite down on gauze or clean cloth to hold the tooth in position.

Step 5 – Store the Tooth if You’re Unable to Replace It

If for any reason you cannot safely or comfortably return the tooth to its socket, you can store it in a container filled with water or whole milk. This will keep the tooth moist and protect any remaining soft tissue that’s attached to the knocked out tooth. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can also place the tooth between your cheek and gums in order to keep it in a more natural state.

Meet Dr. Javeed

At the Virginia Beach dental office of Astra Javeed, DMD, we’re here to help whenever patients need us most. Whether you lose a tooth on Monday morning or Saturday night, we’ll do our utmost to see you right away. Contact the Smile Care Family Dentistry team anytime you need us for emergency dental care. From toothaches to facial trauma, we’ll do our utmost to relieve pain and get a smile back on your face right away.

It’s Time to Schedule a Visit with a Dentist in Virginia Beach

September 10, 2017

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dentist dental checkup The holidays are coming! You know what that means, right? A new year is on its way! With the days we’re facing now, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of your insurance benefits before they reset with 2018.

If you need a dentist in Virginia Beach that’s in-network, you should find one before the end of the year. This blog post explains why!


Dentist in Virginia Beach Discusses Dentures and Dental Implants

August 15, 2017

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Older man at dentistOver the years, you had never expected to lose your teeth, but that is exactly what has occurred, whether due to disease, poor dental hygiene, or trauma. No matter the cause, you need an effective form of tooth replacement to regain a complete and functional smile. Now, several advancements in dentistry offer various solutions, including dentures and dental implants. With both offering several benefits, your dentist in Virginia Beach will help you determine which is the right choice for you.

Your Dentist Answers: “What is a Deep Cleaning?”

July 29, 2017

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Question mark on sticky noteIf you’ve ever been to the dentist, then you’re probably pretty familiar with a standard dental cleaning. Your dentist, or a hygienist, use specialized tools to break up and clear away plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth in order to prevent decay and cavities. However, if this buildup is located underneath your gum line, your dentist may need to perform something called a “deep cleaning.” What is it? How is it different from a regular cleaning? Read on to find the answers to these questions and more. (more…)

Looking for a Humana Dental Dentist in Virginia Beach?

June 28, 2017

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Your Humana dental dentist is building beautiful smiles. If you have Humana dental insurance, that’s great news for your smile. People who are covered by an insurance plan are eligible for a list of free or greatly reduced benefits that make it easier to maintain a happy, healthy smile. We’ve got even better news — your Humana Dental dentist is at Smile Care Family Dentistry! Dr. Asra Javeed and our team of experts provide the comprehensive, high quality services that can keep you smiling beautifully for a lifetime to come.


Does a Tooth Filling Hurt?

May 7, 2017

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A tooth filling takes one short dental visitTooth-colored Fillings are Your Treatment of Choice

Even with excellent at-home hygiene and in-office care, cavities happen. A chipped tooth decays. Enamel wears thin, and bacteria invades your tooth structure. Plaque accumulates in the deeply grooved surfaces of a molar.

Fortunately, restorative dentistry has used amalgam or gold fillings for decades to repair tooth structure and to allow for natural bite and function. However, both dentists and their patients have desired a filling material that matches tooth color and requires less removal of tooth structure surrounding a cavity.


Your Virginia Beach Dentist Explains Fillings and Crowns

April 21, 2017

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Your Virginia Beach dentist places tooth-colored fillings.

If you have a cavity or more extensive damage to a particular tooth, you may need a filling or a dental crown. These two restorations from your dentist in Virginia Beach, Dr. Asra Javeed, restore the appearance, function and health of compromised teeth. What are the differences between fillings and crowns, and what is the treatment process for each? Your team at Smile Care Family Dentistry uses state of the art diagnostic techniques, quality materials and excellent treatment processes to repair decay, infection and more.



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