Use Sportsguard in Virginia Beach to Protect Smiles

December 16, 2016

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Your dentist for a sportsguard in Virginia Beach.You take great pride in caring for your teeth and your children’s smiles to ensure they last a lifetime. You encourage proper oral hygiene habits and make sure your family visits the dentist twice a year. But, is your family using sportsguards? If not, your family’s teeth are at risk for serious and potentially irreversible damage. Athletic mouthguards are a vital piece of protection for anyone participating in sports, just as a helmet is critical for football players. As your dentist, we provide the custom-made sportsguard in Virginia Beach every member of your family needs to stay protected.

What is a Sportsguard?

A sportsguard, also known as an athletic mouthguard, is a custom-made oral appliance that is worn over the teeth while participating in sports. The soft plastic or laminate device acts as a protective barrier to prevent and reduce the severity of oral injuries. With a mouthguard, the teeth, mouth, jaw, tongue, and cheeks have a layer of protection to reduce trauma and to prevent broken teeth, knocked out teeth, lacerations to soft tissues, and several other oral injuries.

Why is a Sportsguard Important?

As a Virginia Beach dentist, we highly encourage the use of athletic mouthguards. The American Dental Association reports that one-third of dental injuries occur as the result of sports. Research shows that a mouthguard can prevent more than 200,000 oral injuries each year if used correctly.

The effectiveness of the devices is exactly why high-collision sports, such as football, boxing, and hockey, make them mandatory. In fact, a recent study involving high school athletes found that 75% of oral injuries occurred when a mouthguard was not used. With 9% of all athletes suffering some form of oral injury over the years, a mouthguard is an invaluable piece of protection.

High-school athletes and high-collision athletes are not the only people to benefit from a mouthguard. Anyone, no matter their age, will benefit from the protection. No matter if you are riding a bike, playing basketball, or rollerblading, a mouthguard will offer the protection your teeth and gums need in case trauma to the mouth occurs.

Where Can I Get a Mouthguard?

Local convenience stores offer an array of athletic mouthguards. While these are affordable and easily accessible, they are not effective. These over-the-counter products do not offer a custom-fit. As a result, the layer of protection they offer is significantly decreased.

To ensure maximum protection, you need a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist. Your dentist will use impressions of your teeth to create a sportsguard that is specific to your exact needs. In addition to athletic mouthguards, Smile Care Family Dentistry also offers mouthguards for those with TMJ dysfunction and Bruxism.

If you are ready to protect your family’s teeth with a custom-made mouthguard, it is time to contact our office to schedule a consultation. We will evaluate your situation to ensure the right mouthguard is used to protect your family’s smiles. With the right protection, you can help foster a lifelong beautiful smile.


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