Virginia Beach Root Canal Therapy painlessly saves teeth

June 25, 2015

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A molar may contain 3 to 4 roots.At Smile Care Family Dentistry, Asra Javeed DMD performs comfortable root canal therapy her Virginia Beach practice to save a deteriorating, injured or infected tooth. In just 2 appointments, diseased pulp is removed and the tooth crowned to restore full aesthetics and function.

You say you would rather have a tooth pulled than get a “root canal.” Well, think again. Losing a tooth changes how a smile looks and makes teeth surrounding the empty socket drift and weaken. Painless performed by Virginia Beach restorative dentist Asra Javeed DMD can save that tooth comfortably and quickly, preserving it, and your smile, for years.

Why would a patient dread root canal treatment?

A big reason why people associate root canal therapy with agonizing, lengthy procedures is 2-fold. One, they come to the dentist with a raging toothache and swollen jaw, and two, the procedure used to be more difficult. Dr. Javeed’s root canal therapy takes just about an hour, and a second short appointment takes care of the crown restoration.

Why would a patient require root canal therapy in Virginia Beach?

There are several reasons why a restorative dentist recommends a root canal:

  • A tooth is severely decayed and perhaps infected down into the soft pulp of one or more root chambers.
  • A tooth needs a crown to strengthen it, and root canal therapy prevents future problems with the pulp.
  • A tooth is injured, possibly allowing bacteria to enter and cause an abscess.
  • A tooth is highly sensitive to heat, cold or chewing pressures.

Confirmed with x-ray and other modern imaging techniques, Dr. Javeed may advise root canal therapy and a crown to alleviate pain, infection and other symptoms.

What is root canal treatment like?

Again, it involves just 2 appointments, lasting about 1 hour each. During the first, Dr. Javeed makes the patient comfortable by injecting the site with local anesthesia and protecting surrounding gum tissue and teeth with a device called a dam.

She drills a tiny hole through the top of the tooth, accessing the inner chamber or canal. Using a series of small files, she cleans out the diseased inner pulp, floods it with an antiseptic medications and then seals it with a rubbery substance called gutta percha. A tooth may have more than one canal requiring therapy.

To finish the procedure, she covers the tooth with a temporary filling. During a second appointment, Dr. Javeed removes the temporary restoration and covers the prepared tooth with a beautifully fitted porcelain crown.

How long does a root canal last?

According the the American Association of Endodontists, root canal therapy is highly successful. The treated tooth lives quite well without the nerves, blood supply and connective tissue that comprise the pulp because these tissues play a bigger role in a young developing tooth and are basically dormant during adult life. The restored tooth can function with regular dental hygiene and professional care for years to come, preserving the integrity and beauty of an individual’s smile.

Call Dr. Javeed for a consultation

Never procrastinate if you are having problems with a tooth. Call Dr. Javeed at Smile Care Family Dentistry for an appointment. If root canal treatment is needed, Dr. Javeed and her team will take utmost care for your comfort, peace of mind and of course, your dental health.

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