My Teeth are Healthy – Why Should I Visit My Virginia Beach Dentist?

March 11, 2018

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woman making why gestureYou may be thinking, “I brush my teeth at least two times a day and everything seems to be fine, so why do I need to visit my Virginia Beach dentist?” It’s quite easy to fall into the trap of being reactive about your health, but your local dentist encourages you to shift your mindset to a more proactive mode because that’s the best way to prevent big problems from happening. As you continue reading, she’ll explain why this is so important and how beneficial preventive dentistry can be to your oral health.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry refers to the partnership that you form with your dentist to ensure that your oral health is always in an optimal state. It includes semi-annual visits for cleanings and examinations.

Here’s how each benefit you:

  • Cleaning – Although you may feel that your oral hygiene regimen leaves nothing to be desired, the reality is that there will usually be some bacteria that you have missed. Over time, hundreds of different kinds form into plaque, a sticky substance that emits acids into your teeth and below your gums. Plaque can then harden into tartar, which is a hard, calcified coating that you can’t remove with conventional cleaning methods. But when you go in for a cleaning, all of these stubborn bacteria amalgams will be eradicated.
  • Examination – Another point to keep in mind is that the development of tooth decay can be slow at first. Thus, by the time you notice symptoms, the problem could have been festering for years. Your dentist and hygienist will have a bird’s eye view of your mouth, teeth and gums, though. Thus, they’ll be able to spot developing problems that you’d never detect on your own until they reached a crescendo.

Your Dentist Will Help You Avoid These Problems!

Here are some of the problems that you may not know are developing, that your dentist can help to prevent or diagnose early:

  • Cavities – Cavities first begin to develop in your tooth enamel, which has no nerves, so you won’t feel the effects until the decay reaches your more sensitive dentin. Your dentist and hygienist will be able to identify this development far before it gets to that point.
  • Gum Disease – When bacteria are allowed to grow unfettered, they can lead to the infection of your gums, which can mushroom into big problems like tooth loss and other serious health conditions.
  • Oral Cancer – One of the serious conditions that can develop from untreated gum disease is oral cancer. It can be detected, though, at a semi-annual visit.
  • Diabetes – Your dentist indirectly works in concert with your primary care physician because she can detect other health problems that may be budding based on the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums – one being diabetes.

The Time is Now!

Although you may feel that everything is great when it comes to your oral health, this is the perfect time to visit your dentist in Virginia Beach for preventive care. Why? It’s easier to maintain wellness than it is to chase down diseases and other problems with last-minute cures.

So to experience the wondrous benefits of proactive oral care, reach out to your dentist to schedule your first visit today!

About the Author

A graduate of Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Asra Javeed continues to sharpen her skills and broaden her knowledge by taking continuing education courses annually. She also believes in keeping her patients informed about any treatment protocols she recommends by using Digital Imaging and Intra-oral cameras to allow them to see what’s going on in their mouths. Dr. Asra practices at Smile Care Family Dentistry and can be reached for more information through her website.

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